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Gregory Graham Art Auction

August 16, 2018
7 x 5 inch gouache paintings are on auction this month, artwork by Gregory Graham. (©Gregory Graham; Used with permission.)

Do you like interesting views of the life that is all around us? Do you need some colorful and observant art for your walls? 

My friend Gregory Graham is having a daily auction through September 6, Labor Day. Bidding starts at $75 for each 5 x 7 inch gouache painting. 

The paintings all come in a lovely modern frame and are ready to hang on your wall.

Greg is running the auction by publicizing on his Instagram account: @gregorygrahamart.

There are themes to each week. This week’s theme is cityscapes.

Go to the auction site here, and you’ll be able to see the images and instructions on how to bid through Ebay. 

I wrote about Greg’s work when he had a show of his small enamel paintings in Bloomington. Recently he had a show at the Groveland Gallery. If you have missed out on collecting Greg’s work, now’s your chance! He packs a lot of visual interest in every small painting.

Another local artist, Mark Granlund, is also participating in the auction—each artist is putting up one artwork each day. On Greg’s instagram you’ll see a photo of his painting framed, a photo of his painting unframed and a bit larger for viewing, and a photo of Mark Granlund’s daily offering; as well as a fourth image reminding you where to go for the auction, so be sure to scroll through the daily entry for the set of images.

This auction is a great way acquire small art gems and support two Minnesota Artists as they capture the world in gouache on paper.


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