In Context: Snow Piles

January 5, 2018
First page spread for 2018—a hardbound journal that is made with Stonehenge Aqua 140 lb. Cold Press watercolor paper. (Journal approx. 8 x 8 inches square.) I left the top right of the page blank to write in a conversation, but then decided against it. You sort of had to be in the car. Some moments simply pass, even when you keep a journal.

Typically on New Year’s Day I go and sketch at Como Zoo. This year, it seemed impractical to try to park (Como is always crowded on New Year’s Day), walk the long distance to the entry, walk to the Aquatic building (where I could sketch puffins), and reverse the process while keeping my toe warm as it stuck out of the immobilization boot I’m wearing right now while my tendons and bones heal.

It didn’t help that it was close to zero degrees Fahrenheit. (I don’t mind the cold, but my toe wasn’t dressed for it.)

I have a bad case of cabin fever six weeks into healing. I wanted to keep up with my rituals for the new year. I wanted to sketch out.

Dick agreed to drive me to Como, but when I thought about the logistics I requested a drive to the Sears parking lot near the Capitol. There I knew, that even with the low volume of snow we’d received so far this winter that their lot was of sufficient size that there would be a pile of snow somewhere. And off we went.

I’m excited to be working on watercolor paper again. I will review this paper when I’ve done more work on it. 

I’m excited to have sketched at least one snow pile this winter!

    • Sharon Nolfi
    • January 6, 2018

    I’ve been a subscriber for a long time, but I didn’t receive the usual notices for your last 2 posts. Found them by coming directly here. I’m checking box below to resubscribe.

    1. Reply

      Sharon, I’m sorry if there have been some issue with your subscription. There have been so many problems on the admin side of the blog that I couldn’t even guess which one caused what you experienced. Resubscribing sounds like a good plan.

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