In Context—Pumpkins

November 10, 2017
Sketching two pumpkins that I was given last year. I love all the knobby bits and the stems, and don’t mid that I go off the page! Brush pen on the new Folio paper in a handmade book. (The tab at the spine was inserted at the binding to make room for collage throughout the book.)

I really enjoy the fall because there are so many pumpkins around to sketch. I love playing with angle of where I’m sitting and how the pumpkin is turned because it can look so different. 

Mostly pumpkins give me an excuse to move the brush pen across the page. If you don’t have much time for your drawing practice this weekend, take a moment to draw something like a pumpkin, over and over, quickly—maybe 5 to 10 minutes maximum—throughout the weekend. Change where you sit, change the angle or side of the object you show yourself. Set up a light to cast shadows across the form.

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike, go out and chase it in the lines you make and the traction you feel from the tool against the page.

At the end of the weekend you’ll have a lot of observation down on the page. And you’ll be warmed up and ready to sketch your way through the week, knowing how valuable every little bit of time can be.

Another journal spread with the same pumpkin and a collaged note that Dick had left for me.





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  1. Reply

    Awww… such a sweet note from your husband. Hope you’re feeling better.

    1. Reply

      Thanks so much Elaine, that note is from last year! He’s always leaving me notes. Recently he left me notes telling me I would get well again, when the bronchitis got me down. I like to save them.

    • Jeanne
    • November 12, 2017

    Thank you so much for your advice, Roz. I sketched my 4 gourds in about 30 minutes, and it got me out of my melancholia immediately. I admire how you work on your art even though you feel bad. Take care of yourself.

    1. Reply

      Yep, it will totally change the mood! I think sketching when you’re ill makes things feel “normal” in that I’m being productive, and it’s saying no to negative energy. It’s sort of like taking vitamins. Draw every day and while you might still get sick it won’t seem as bad. I’m glad you got to sketch gourds!!

    • Cathy
    • November 13, 2017

    Thank you for encouraging us to draw something over and over. When I want to draw I just pick something on my desk (paint tubes anyone?) and see how I can get the most expressive line, they always end up being different each time. I hope you are feeling better, and appreciate that you keep your drawing up, even when you are feeling ill!

    1. Reply

      Paint tubes are a great suggestion! I am doing well again, a little tired, but doing all my work and exercise again! Thanks for reading.

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