Getting Used to New Glasses

August 1, 2017
6 x 9 inch Platinum Carbon Black sketch pen and gouache sketch on watercolor paper. (Sktchy model.)

Since April I’ve been getting used to a new prescription in my glasses. This is always a stressful time. Since March I’ve had two new pairs of glasses—the first pair didn’t work at all (everything in the close vision was double!). Because I was working around the clock in the middle of two projects and teaching, I couldn’t go back to the doctor to get a recheck for over 6 weeks. I got by with the old glasses and lots of breaks.

I’ve been working on what I can get away with for less detail because of this vision change. Today’s image is an example of that. It grew out of my 2017 IFJM journal—the same idea of “What is the least you can get away with in a portrait?” Or more exactly, “What details are important to you and are they important to anyone else?”  

No answers yet, but I continue to work with the latest pair of glasses—they are not giving me the three ranges of vision I need at life drawing or when sketching out and about. I’ve been giving my eyes longer breaks and so I haven’t been posting. But today’s gives you an idea of what I’ve been working on when I play with this medium.

More important I am of course I’m in full Minnesota State Fair Prep Mode! More about that on another day.

Keep sketching.

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    • Joanne
    • August 2, 2017

    I wear trifocals. For art. For the wider eye range. And new glasses and prescription is always “not nice”. I have a new pair waiting for me to pick up. I am delaying as long as possible. —- knowing I will have so much trouble (like you) in finding out where I can focus. Moving my head in and away from books etc. Sigh.

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