Dick Is Not An Elf

June 3, 2016


Above: Quick pen and watercolor sketch in the Moleskine (new paper) I was testing. Read below for more details.

The test Moleskine that I finished in a couple weeks in May is sitting on the table waiting to be indexed (a 10 minute operation I just haven’t had time to do because I’m keeping my typing down to a minimum these days).

See the full review of this new paper in the Moleskine Sketchbook here.

Before this journal gets shelved away I thought I’d share some more images from it over the next few posts.

Here’s another eyebrow update!

I was sketching with the Sakura Pigment Brush Pen, which is a fiber tipped pen. I used the fine point first, but it wasn’t working well (I think it was drying out), so I finished with the medium tip.

I had some watercolors sitting out and just took the yellow and put it most places, the maroon, and then then turquoise. I seem to be drawn to “unnatural” colors. I was using a 2-inch wide flat brush for all the painting, turning it on its edge for the thinner strokes. I like the lack of control it gives.

I added a little bit of white gouache at the end to get some of my highlights back, but I was working with very little water and a dirty brush so the white all had a blue tinge to it.

I just didn’t want to keep Dick up any later by going to get some clean water. I was able to capture him not looking too tired for a change.

Despite the the pointy ears and pigment choices—Dick is not an elf.

    • Christine K
    • June 6, 2016

    How about a Vulcan then? He’s looking a bit Spock-like.

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