A Quick Sketch To Work On Simplifying

June 10, 2016


Above: A quick pen and watercolor sketch in the Moleskine with new whiter paper. Click on the image to view an enlargement and read below for more details.

Towards the end of the tester Moleskine that I was filling in May I experimented with the scale and size of things I sketched. I also did warm up sketches in it.

Above you’ll see a very quick warm up sketch that is based on my impression of a landscape view that popped on the TV screen for a few seconds while I was watching “Shetland” (a mystery show that here airs on PBS).

With my pen and a little bit of scribbling I wanted to capture something of the landscape (I’m not a landscape artist) in values, and then I added paint. It’s the type of quick sketch you might make as you speed past a view in the car (as long as you are a passenger) or plane.

I find sketches like this help me focus my attention so that I can begin to think about what is essential.

When I was finished with the sketch I rewound the show and saw that I did a pretty good job working off my memory. This type of work will help me move towards finding a useful visual vocabulary for landscapes when I work in the field. This approach forces me to simplify!!!

    • Christine K
    • June 13, 2016

    Good job – I recognized it immediately! I’m watching that series too on British Columbia’s Knowledge Network.

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