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A Quick Sketch To Work On Simplifying

Above: A quick pen and watercolor sketch in the Moleskine with new whiter paper. Click on the image to view an enlargement and read below for more details. Towards the end of the tester Moleskine that I was filling in May I experimented with the scale and size of things I sketched. I also did […]


Project Friday: Breaking Our Color Habits

Left: 9 x 12 inch brush pen and watercolor sketch. See details in the post's text. I don’t use a lot of green. I don’t often paint landscapes. I don’t have a lot of green in the house (though now I look, I do see a photo archive box that is a lovely dark green, […]


Which Dog Are You Feeding?

Above: Sketch made with the Pentel brush pen with pigmented ink and color added with various acrylic markers. (Japanese Lined Journal, slightly grey paper, approx. 8.75 x 11 inches.) I used this sketch from my journal to day because it shows my Editing Eye in action, not content to stop at a really bad drawing, […]


Project Friday: Using What’s Left on Your Palette

Above: Sketch using a black Stabilo All (which is watersoluble) on Strathmore 500 series Mixed Media Paper (7.75 x 9.75 inches). Left over gouache and Montana acrylic markers were also used. Today’s Project Friday is the perfect follow up to last week’s Project Friday—experiments in making neutrals. Of course you have to do that project […]


How I “Doodle” AND Get Ready for the Minnesota State Fair

See the full post for details.


Working on a Visual Vocabulary

See the full post for details.


Visual Vocabulary and the Best $6.95 You’ll Ever Spend


Left: one in a series of pages from my journal showing notes and diagrams I made on a recent trip to the Minneapolis Art Institute. Click on the image to see an enlargement.

My friend Tom is working with his photographic portraits in Painter (a “natural media” painting software program that mimics oil painting, watercolor, charcoal, etc. depending on the tool selections you make). I visited his studio the other day and looked over his samples. We chatted about filters which rendered things automatically and about making adjustments manually and how best to make those adjustments. It was clear to me right away that we needed to see some oil paintings (the technique he was working on, and a painting medium in which I don’t work).

So we looked at our calendars and agreed to meet in a few days at the Minneapolis Art Institute. That day I went right to the information desk with a plan: Do you have any Sargents? Yes, they had two. The Birthday Party—my heart sank, that was a lovely painting in which everyone’s eyes were downcast or blurred by the glowing candles. I didn’t recognize the other painting’s name, in fact, when we got to the gallery where it hung the painting turned out to be a cityscape that was of no use to us.

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