Project Journal Infiltration: Continues

July 22, 2013

TJsketchofRozCroppedLeft: Sketch of me by artist TJ Goerlitz. Approx. 6 x 8 inches. Watersoluble brush pen and blue watercolor.

Long-time readers of this blog, or curious sorts who click on the various margin-column images to see where they go, will know that in 2010 through 2011 I asked people to sketch me from life in their journals—so that I could infiltrate those journals. I called it Project Journal Infiltration. (That had the appropriate "spy" connotations.)

The whole project came about because my friend Ken Avidor has been drawing me in his journals since 2000. I decided I'd like to appear in more journals.

I even held a push to infiltrate people's FAKE journals in 2011 by posting photos of myself that they could use for reference when sketching in those fake journals in April, since of course they wouldn't be near me to sketch me from life—and it was after all fake.

The project ended up with a prize drawing and my gratitude. But the happy thing is that from time to time people see me out and about and they sketch me and send a digital scan to me. So I have continued to infiltrate ever more journals since Phase One finished.

The most recent sketch of me is this one by artist TJ Goerlitz. TJ is in a year-long journaling class I have been offering at MCBA. (The class met last fall to bind a journal and then has met about once every 3 months to catch up and try new ink media). During the most recent class session on June 24 I gave the students some different papers to test and a selection of different brush pens to test (because that was the "topic" for the session). While I was chatting away TJ managed to do this wonderful sketch of me. And she gave it to me at the end of class with permission to post it here. (She didn't even know PJI was still going on! And yes it isn't strictly a journal, but she did sketch me from life, and some people work on loose pages—I'm counting it!)

As I've said, the main project is over, but the desire to infiltrate remains strong, so if you see me out and about, by all means sketch me and send me a jpg and a note. I would love to see it. (You don't have to send me the original.)

Remember—I'm going to be at the Minnesota State Fair in August. That would be a great time to try and sketch me. I wear odd outfits (well actually I dress "normally" for me, but I've been told it's odd so what do I know) and I stand still for long stretches of time as I 1. sketch birds and animals, 2. eat corndogs, or 3. Make Spin Art. Just saying…

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