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June 13, 2012

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I've written about artist David Steinlicht's comic "In this corner" before, but I just found a fun interview that I wanted to share with you.

Altered Aesthetics' interview of David Steinlicht can be found here.

David makes fun and amusing art. And nowhere do these two aspects come together better than in his Crop Art. If you go to the interview you'll see what I mean with stunning examples of his crop art portraits.

And if you wonder how he does "that," well it's one seed at a time. I've watched him!

Readers of Roz Wound Up know that I love Crop Art. David keeps a blog, "Crop Art diary" where you can check in on his progress for his State Fair pieces and find other related Crop Art news.  You can also visit his blog,

Check out this local artist now, and if you get started immediately you might just be able to get your crop art done before the 2012 Minnesota State Fair!

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    Followed all the links and found, Guess Who? Love the beetles. The crop art done today is a far cry from what I remember years ago at the fairs.

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    Molly, David and a host of other dedicated crop art-artists have been spoiling us in Minnesota since the 1990s. They inspire me. My work is simpler, but yes I do love beetles. I have not had time (and eyesight which I have to save for other pursuits) to participate for the last several years. I do so enjoy going as an observer however!

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    Thanks for the mention, Roz. Your enthusiasm is always an inspiration to me. Now if I could just get excited about this year’s crop art piece . . . .

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    David, you’re welcome, now get busy! I want to see what you come up with they year!

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