Creativity Coach Kim Hines at the June 18, 2012 Meeting of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

June 14, 2012

Join us for the Monday, June 18 meeting of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective; 7 to 9 p.m. At MCBA. It's free and open to all adult journal keepers and book artists regardless of skill level or media.

About Our Guest Speaker:

As artists we all need to think and plan about our careers. For some in the Collective their journaling and art serves as a creative outlet they don't wish to turn into an incoming producing career. Whether or not you make your living as an artist there are many ways to enhance and improve your creative life, which is why I feel Monday's speaker will be helpful to all members of this group. 

Kim Hines, who owns and runs a coaching and mentoring business for artists will be our special guest for the evening. “I help all artists of all levels, to handle issues and concerns that may or may not be unique to the artist,” says Kim.

“I help with problems within content of the work through critiquing, teaching and directing. I also deal with issues that have to do with organizing, creating structure, space, overcoming obstacles, handling finances, time; producing others and self; changing a career or moving to the next level; and doing art when life gets in the way.“

Empowerment is the intent behind Kim’s working with clients. “Too many professional artists do not have a professional image of themselves. This is what paves the way to their being taken advantage of or cheated financially. They treat their art as just a job as opposed to a career. With a career, you strategize. You make thoughtful decisions. You look for ways to make your work evolve and shy away from being stuck in the same place for too long.”

Kim doesn’t just work with professionals. “Novice (or up and coming)  artists, tend to be impatient with the process of creating art. They are inclined to over or underestimate their skills and talents, which then affects time, money and the quality of the final outcome of their product. In America we romanticize the artist, so process is not really seen as something of value, but rather an irritation, an annoyance. I try to empower the novice by helping to change that mindset and embrace process. Paying attention to process is what is going to move the novice ever forward to gets them to where he/she wants to be.” 

Interestingly enough, non-artists have hired Kim as well. “I’ve helped some to just explore art as it relates to their lives; for others I’m their life coach.” Working with a creativity coach is clearly an act of investing in oneself.

Kim Hines, a playwright, director, equity actor, educator has been in professional theater for over 45 years. For a good many of those years she’s worked as a free-lance artist. She has a BA degree in Theater and Visual Arts from Macalester College. 

To learn more about Kim and her work visit her website: Simply Kim Hines.

Join us on  Monday, June 18 to learn about how creativity coaching works and why it is a useful tool for creative artists at all stages their careers and experience. Bring questions about the process that you would like Kim to address.

    • Carol
    • June 14, 2012

    Note that her website is – with an “m” and not an “n”!!

  1. Reply

    Envious! Sounds like a great opportunity to re-frame one’s approach to work!

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