Congratulations to Cupcake®!

June 12, 2012


Above, the sign of great cupcakes! Cupcake® in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

My neighborhood cupcake bakery, Cupcake®, just won Food Network's Cupcake Wars Champions! (The show aired on Sunday.)

They had won a regular episode before, but were brought back for a series of shows to win a place in the finals. Cupcake® owner Kevin VanDeraa (and his assistant; they count as one competitor) beat out 15 other contestants to win the grand title!

I can't find a direct link to the actual Cup Cake Wars Champions show, but you can poke around among the cupcake recipes on Food Network's site.

Of course I knew Cupcake® made great cupcakes. But now EVERYONE knows it.

You can find a listing of their cupcakes here. My likes are pretty predictable, if you know me, and since you're reading this you do. I like the Claire Huxtable, the Red Velvet, the Cup O' Mud, and the Coco Loco. My favorite cupcake from them is the S'more. (I mean really what's not to love about this cupcake!!)

I haven't tried the Chocolate Buttermilk (they must sell out before I get there), but I am sure I would love that too.

For those of you with more eclectic tastebuds—i.e., you want something besides chocolate, or you want your chocolate in a different way—there are plenty of other options for you!

They used to make killer coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate. Not those "French cookie type macaroons" but the dense, moist, sweet coconut macaroons you probably dream of (or should if you don't already).

I don't know why they stopped making those. But there's plenty of other sweet options to choose from. (I just mention this so they know those macaroons are missed.)

I'm not connected with Cupcake® in any way except I'm just a very happy customer who is excited that they have received national attention. You'll probably be able to see reruns of the championship show on Food Network if you consult their listings.

Congratulations Cupcake®! It's great not to have to leave the neighborhood for a delicious cupcake!

  1. Reply

    I’d like a serve of cupcake sketches please, Roz. 😉

  2. Reply

    Perhaps you might go to the bakery and draw your favorites? Then ship one to me! 🙂

  3. Reply

    Melly, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be worth it to ship them. They couldn’t survive could they? But if you ever come through Minneapolis I will take you there to try them. We will buy a bunch and just “test them” so that we have plenty of room for Chocolate, Chocolate (not a typo) Cake.

  4. Reply

    OK, I will settle for being a traveling taste tester.

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