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December 21, 2011

See the post for complete details.


Above: A pigeon sketch on a page in my 6 x 8 inch take everywhere journal, handmade by me. (No I wasn't wandering around looking for pigeons at 9:30 p.m. I had to draw this one from city photos I'd taken.) Staedtler Pigment Liner on Gutenberg paper, with light washes of gouache. To the right there is a tab running down the page which is where I took out a page when I started the journal, to make room for collage material. Here I added back a bit of bulk with a baby announcement card (image obscured for privacy) and a bit of copper foil paper and non-archival Japanese transparent masking tape—the tape holds in a sheet of glassine to protect the announcement card from any rub off of the gouache opposite.

Just like yesterday's image, I drew this pen sketch and then immediately washed over it with random strokes of light washes of gouache, using a 3-inch wide flat brush. Unlike yesterday's sketch, on this paper with that much water, the Staedtler Pigment Liner (which usually I have no problem with even on this paper) bled into the washes (see the darkness creeping into the yellow at the side of the pigeon and also in the pink at his feet).

Not to worry, I kept painting using a 3/4 inch filbert and used light washes on the pigeon, and then a bit of white gouache used in a thicker and more opaque application around the eye, beak, and on the feet.

Be sure to click on the image to view the enlargement so that you can see the lovely paper texture which influences the washes in fun ways, and allows me to stroke on some pink and white on the feet, where it breaks up because of the texture of the paper.

    • Miss T
    • December 21, 2011

    Roz, I absolutely love that pigeon! Looks like wonderful paper to work on.

  1. Reply

    Thanks Miss T, Gutenberg is wonderful paper to work on. I love the texture, which is a slightly nubby laid texture because it gives a lot of character to ink or pencil when used on it, but also to gouache. Behind the baby card you can see the next page where there is another painting done with stronger washes of gouache and a looser style and it works on this paper as well. Simply a versatile paper! Wet paint carries this paper, but the Collective did a group buy of it a while back and that always helps to get a great deal. I tore all my paper down at the time but am only just now casing in the final 5 books of it. They are sitting on the work table and the fabric and decorative papers have all been cut as well as the boards. I’m going back at it later today!

    2010’s State Fair Journal was with this paper. It has to be one of my favorites.

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