Derwent Shade and Tone Set

July 29, 2022
Color chart of the Derwent Shade and Tone Set and a direct brush sketch with one of the pans.

Manufacturers of art materials are always looking for new ways to bring existing products to more people, often in different forms. The Derwent Shade and Tone Set is a recent example of that.

I’m not testing a lot of stuff right now (downsizing, blah, blah, blah; and a lot of paint I want to use up!) But I do enjoy having media in “pan” form for when I’m out and about. So one day when I knew I’d be picking other stuff up at my favorite art supply store, Wet Paint (which I’m not connected to financial, I just love it so much, and enjoy all the helpful people there), I bought a set and brought it home to test.

Enlarged detail of the pigment on Strathmore 500 series Watercolor paper.

It was just the break I needed. Below you’ll be able to see a short video of my experience of this set.

There’s a couple of caveats and I discuss some in the video, but basically this is a set I didn’t find particularly useful for me. The colors are Graphitint and Inktense products which aren’t light-fast (you can find other comments about these products by using my blog’s search engine).  I don’t tend to work only in earthtones. Some of the pans also were rather “weak” when I brushed the color off.

But I do enjoy taking a break and playing with materials working monochromatically, so that’s what I did with these. You can see the result and additional comments from me in the video below (link also provided).

I do think that if I were still going to life drawing (I’m not going out in groups much still because of Covid) I would find this set more fun and useful. Keep that in mind if you are looking for materials to sketch with in such situations.

If the following video isn’t viewable in the blog post please visit it on Vimeo here.

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