We Train Each Other Bit By Bit

October 3, 2016



Left: CR after his haircut and walk, sitting as still as can be. Ink pen and watercolor on an 8 inch square page in a Seawhite journal.

Sometimes learning happens slowly, without us noticing it. In August after I cut CR’s hair Dick took him for a walk. When they returned I was just finishing a sketch of his furniture and CR sat opposite me, very still.

When I finished the sketch of furniture I thought he was sitting so still I could probably get away with sketching him. And the above exchange happened.

I’ve been sketching him so much that he actually expects it now.

And he always enjoys it—I just drew him a little grumpy looking on this date because I was fiddling with a clunkier pen.

And yes, I practicing eyebrow vocabulary on CR because Dick has his eyebrows!

    • Lesli Williamson
    • October 3, 2016

    After having lost my mother in law and mom to Alzheimer’s, your sketches of CR are so much more precious. I’m sure he appreciates the fact that all your sketches mean he won’t be forgotten and will live on for years in your precious journals.

    Keep up the fabulous work…I love it!


  1. Reply

    Lesli, CR has a great sense of his own importance—a confidence thing and an arrogance of intelligence. So initially it was clear he just thought it was right that I sketch him, a more worthy subject than some of the other things I sketch. Now I know he enjoys the time spent. And he likes helping me. And I am very grateful for that. I’m glad you are enjoying them. They are the latest evidence in the evolution of our relationship.

    • Tanja
    • October 3, 2016

    What a wonderful portrait – very intense!

  2. Reply

    Thanks Tanja, he’s not that serious, he’s just very still. And I was very quick without going in to fix stuff.

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