OK Go Video with an Interactive Feature

November 27, 2014

Above: "I Won't Let You Down" Video from OK Go. If it doesn't show up see it here on YouTube. But be sure to go to the website link as well, because once there, if you click on "pre-visualization" at the bottom of the window, you'll get to make you're own little movement show.

I've written about OK Go before, they have some fun videos, especially my favorite where they interact with a bunch of dogs. I've tried to search for the post on my blog but evidently I say GO a lot, as part of my verbal tics and so it isn't showing up.

But you can watch this video, which I've only just found and think is new, and then go and find the others at their official website's video list.

I recommend: "Needing/Getting" in which they create a giant musical instrument with a car and, well you just have to watch.

And of course the "White Knuckles" video (from Sept. 19th 2010) which is the one with the dogs. Outstanding.

Oh heck, just watch them all… 

    • Anne Lloyd
    • November 30, 2014

    Thank you, Roz! I thought I remembered OK Go from the This Too Shall Pass (marching band version). I am so glad to be reminded of the song and the message (which I can always use) and happy to find more of their videos. You said the magic word – “dog” – so I think I’ll start there.

  1. Reply

    Their dog video is magical! I hope you enjoyed it. There are also “making of” videos which show some of the dog training they did to make it happen. I think you’ll enjoy those too.

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