Snow Piles 2014

January 14, 2014


Above: Quick sketch from the car of a huge snow pile over on Wabasha near Cleveland. I might add that it was also filthy, but I didn't have watercolors with me. I just had a scrap of blue Magnani Pescia paper and a Staedtler Pigment Liner as I'm still being kind to my shoulder.

I blame Ken Avidor for this—I couldn't resist this mammoth lump of snow as I drove home from doing physical therapy with Phyllis (her PT, I'd already done mine in the a.m.). (You can go to the "snow piles" category to see other examples.)

This is the only snow pile I've sketched all winter. It's been below zero for so long I haven't been able to stand outside and sketch. Then Sunday it rose to 40 above zero, and Monday it was in the 30s. WIth all that melting going on I thought I'd better get something down on paper. This pile with its lumpy brown glory and leaning ledgy bits appealed to me. (It's in an industrial area between Cretin/Vandalia and Cleveland).

Avidor has tons of stories of being told to cease and desist from sketching, on roads, in buildings, on skyways…Unlike Avidor I didn't get run off—I sped away as someone leered at me. It wasn't warm enough for other folks to come out of the buildings and check on me. And I stayed in my car. (Though it was warm enough to have the engine off.)

Of course I'm on someone's CCTV tape planning the caper of the decade, where I scale this melting mass in a few swift strides and leap up (and 10 feet or more across) to the building behind, where I enter, like all good second story guys (or rather a 1.5 story guy) by a window, and steal…who knows what because I don't know what they do here.

As I drove home, I remember actually thinking, "Hey, winter might actually be coming to an end."

I know it's not true, but I do think a little bit of fantasy in everyone's life is a good thing. It's not as if I were counting on Sir Sean Connery showing up to take me out to dinner!

I take a daily bath in reality. Though I would like to be back on the streets on my bike.

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