Zombie Pumpkins?! Happy Halloween

October 31, 2012

A friend sent me to a BBC America link for something the other day. While I was there I started poking around and found this lovely little video clip about a pumpkin craving display.

This is not your ordinary pumpkin carving display. If you love zombies, and who doesn't (right up until the point where they start eating your brain!) then you'll want to see this video clip.

If you love people carving things out of vegetables, well ditto, you'll want to see this video clip.

It's Halloween. Watch out for zombies. I hope you get a lot of candy.

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    Neat clip even though I’m not fond of zombies. I always admire artists who can carve large.

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    I love it when people work in 3-D. It’s amazing. I also think it’s fun that their creations are decomposing, just like real zombies!

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