More From the In-Studio Journal: Faces

June 12, 2011

See the full post for details and images.

Above: Page spread from my 9 x 12 inch Fabriano Venezia. Read more below. (A portion of the text was obscured for privacy.)

This is another spread from my in-studio journal. The size of this journal allows me to use some of the practice sketches I want to hold on to. These drawings in Pentel Pocket Brush Pen were done on heavyweight paper and cut out and glued to the background. The face on the right was moved in from the edge of the page because I didn't want to lose all that lovely color.

I didn't do any journaling on this page for days. Something I'm trying to let go of (finishing pages all at once, as far as image and text are concerned). When I did add text to the page it didn't relate to the faces at all. And I am really enjoying this approach.

Texture3733 Left: A before photo of just the background. Sadly the color is really out of whack. One of the downsides of a journal this large is that it doesn't fit on my scanner. I don't keep the photo lights up and ready all the time. I figure it's more important that you get an impression of the whole than wait until I have time to set up the lights. (You can see the blue is pretty washed out in this photo.)

    • Leslie Schramm
    • June 12, 2011

    If the camera has a white balance setting, use a sheet of “white” paper to set a white value and then the photos come out close to the right colour under different lightings, just remember to change it back later, or you get all sorts of intersting effects. I;ve a white card and a slightly blue one in my camera bag,using the blue in a church if it’s dark adds a bit of warmth and some changes to the lighting effects, makes the pictures look like older film stock without losing the sharpness; am working on a few from St Mungo’s in Glasgow, am hoping they look good as they are hopefully for a book

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    Fabulous work!!!

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    Great suggestions Leslie. I’ve got a gray scale card I try to include so I can work with things once they are on the computer, but things have been so rushed here it’s take photos without lights and move on. I love the idea of using a blue card in churches to add warmth!

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    Thanks Cynthia, glad you enjoyed it. I’ve had visitors and no change to get into this journal for several days, so I’m anxious to get back into it.

    • Miss T
    • June 12, 2011

    Roz, I love this. Is that a stenciling technique you did on the background?

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    Miss T, the very first layer I did on this spread was a stencil that had sort of pebble holes in it. I put it on the page and simply sponged it with a sponge brush (flat edge) loaded with ink. It seeped under in places and bubbles were created elsewhere all leading to what I thought was rather interesting. When it was dry I did several other layers of brushed on color (inks and fluid acrylics.)

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