More From the In-Studio Journal: Collage and Sketch

June 13, 2011

Above: Another 9 x 12 inch spread from my non-mobile (stay at home) Fabriano Venezia Journal. Read below for more information. (I don't have a before photo of this background, it's pretty uniform across the spread and you can still see a lot of it.)

As I mentioned on Friday and Sunday, I've got two journals running right now, and one is huge (9 x 12 inches). It stays in the studio. I've been enjoying working on the backgrounds and adding my saved sketches (cut out from other paper) to the page. (This sketch was made with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on heavyweight paper [about 140 lb.] with a slight tooth.)

On this spread I also rubbed metallic rubberstamp ink all over the background in swirls and strokes. And besides collaging the man in place, I also added a bit of paper in the upper right side. On the man's clothing I collaged decorative paper. (If you are interested in how I do this sign up for the Strathmore Visual Journaling Workshop I did—Workshop 3; it's free—and watch lesson 2.)

I liked this page just the way it was and even after a couple of days I didn't feel the need to add any text.

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    It seems like the collaged lines in the upper right are ‘text’. Nice work, Roz. I love the freedom in your drawings, and you inspire me to work directly more often.

    • Mary
    • June 13, 2011

    I’m a big fan of your work. I took your class at the Strathmore site and it inspired me to sketch more…thanks. I loved reading about shopping for new eye wear…

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    Melly, that’s interesting. I just thought they added pattern, but I can see where that close lined nature of the pattern does look like text.

    Ha, doubly glad I didn’t write on the page!!

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    Mary, thanks for the note. I’m glad that you have taken something from the Strathmore class into your journaling and are sketching more. I hope it’s one step in a life of more and more sketching! Thanks for reading. (Check back in about 2 weeks, because next week I get my photo taken with the new glasses and then I will post it and you’ll see what I decided on. Nothing as dramatic as the fan glasses!)

    • LizzieBo
    • June 13, 2011

    Have you ever done a video of yourself painting? I just watched a mini tutorial of Melanie Testa (from the Sketchbook Challenge in Jan) and realized I rarely actually see anyone paint. Okay, if you wrote a book, that wouldn’t be in it, but I’d still love it if you wrote a book. So here goes – Reason number six : From your blog , I’m sensing a small impluse toward order. And, althoug it would undoubtedly take away from painting time (admittedly a minus) it would satisfy a deeply felt but heretofore unrealized need to organize all that knowledge in one place. Codify it for a moment in time. Wouldn’t that be satisfying?

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    Lizzie, I have a huge impulse toward order, but I don’t have “any deeply felt but heretofore unrealized need to organize all that knowledge in one place”—it is organized all in one place: it’s called my brain!

    But that’s a nice try.

    Yes I have done a video of me painting. It’s lesson 4 of my free Strathmore Journaling workshop—me sketching and painting at the Zoo. It’s available for viewing at the strathmore workshop site until July 31.

    By that time in the filming we were actually having fun, so we are thinking of doing other painting sessions—ones in the studio where people can look over my shoulder and there won’t be as much NOISE!

    • Lyn
    • June 18, 2011

    Oh yea, cut out all those stray sketches and paste them in a journal! I have done that but not with added color! Inspired again! Thanks Roz!

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    Lyn, have more fun!

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