Random Thoughts: Bowerbirds

January 9, 2011

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101128EBowerBird Left: Pen sketch of a bowerbird in journal P10 from last year. The page is about 6 inches wide (the next page, which is painted, shows through) and 10 inches tall.

Ever notice that bowerbirds are sort of the Benicio Del Toro of the bird world? Well at least one of his characters.

I was watching a documentary on birds the other day and there were a couple male bower birds making bowers to lure their mates. Of course I had to sketch one as he peered into the forest.

Afterwards I realized he was just like Del Toro in "Excess Baggage," when he leans forward and says to Alicia Silverstone, "Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon." Insistent and pleading at the same time. With vulnerability.

All over New Guinea and Australia this drama is being played out over and over again.

The sketch is on Rives BFK and I used a Faber-Castel Pitt Calligraphy pen. I really enjoy sketching with this pen on this paper because it sort of cuts into the paper in a yummy way. Your strokes feel substantial. And you can move the tip around and get different weights of line, including very thin lines if you ride the side corner of the tip).

You can see a video of the entire journal, Adjusting: P10, here.

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    sigh. Now I love Bower Birds… I wonder if the zoo has some. Perhaps I can convince my husband of my love of blue!

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    Melly, you’re funny. I wonder if some zoos have these birds. I’ve seen them in the wild in Australia. Quite interesting to spy, and the bowers are often very cool. But I don’t know of any zoos off the top of my head that have bowerbirds. If you find one let me know!

  3. The most brilliant observation I’ve read in ages!

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    Jeanette, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Other folks point out I have a problem with anthropomorphizing (sp?) animals. But if I have entertained then that’s good!

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    The Benicio Del Toro in “Excess Baggage” paragraph is hilarious. Still cracking up! Lolololol!!!

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