Portrait Party Tonight

January 17, 2011

Please see the FULL post for crucial details about tonight’s event.



Left: The "Just one more," in the page caption refers not to a final portrait I'm posting (I'll probably post many more), but to the fact that this is the last page of this Bogus Paper journal and instead of using this page for my index I squeezed in one more portrait practice session. (I printed out my index and then stuck it in on a tab, next to this page—when I started this journal I removed several pages to make room for the upcoming collage material and it was one of the tabs left from that procedure that I used.) This is chef and TV personality Guy Fieri. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen with gouache and gold gel pen.

For details on tonight's Portrait Party at the MCBA Visual Journal Collective please go to

Warming Up for the Portrait Party

Or check the schedule list on the MCBA Visual Journal Collective Page.


1. It's Martin Luther King Day and Open Book is closed. Arrive BEFORE 7 p.m. because exactly at 7 p.m. people will be pulled away from the doors to enjoy the party themselves.

2. MCBA is closed on Mondays as well, so there will be no one at the shop to answer the phone—you won't be able to reach us.

3. There is a $5.00 supply fee to cover costs of paper and toner. You must bring CASH (exact change) or a check made out to MCBA. The shop will be closed so there will be no one to help you make financial transactions of any other kind.

4. Bring your favorite sketching pen that uses BLACK ink. We will be sketching on templates made on bond copier paper.

5. Absolutely NO SHARPIES or other solvent based inks!

6. All skill levels are welcome—if you don't practice (with friends) how are you going to get better!

7. There will be cookies!

See you there for sketching and bookbinding fun! (Helpers I'll see you at our designated time.)

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