The Sydney Royal Easter Show

April 12, 2010

Sketching at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Above: Cows sketches made at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in Sydney, Australia, ©2010 Alissa4012.

The other day I received a lovely note from Allisa4012 of Flickr telling me that my postings on the Minnesota State Fair had inspired her to go sketching at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Her great drawings of the animals are posted on her Flickr site. She ended up with 12 pages of drawings during her day-long adventure. She also thanked me for my tips about poultry—I'm assuming she meant my warnings about their propensity to splash water on artists and other intent observers, you have to watch out for that.

Do you have farm-related fairs near you? If you do, whether they are county, state, territory, or "other," I'd love to hear about your experiences sketching at those events—and of course see your sketches.

Send me a note with links to your sketches. I'd love to make a collection of such links. Like Alissa, you might inspire more people to get out there and connect with the animals. Urban dwellers in particular need to connect with the way food is produced in their region. It's also a great way to have free life-drawing models—winged and four- or two-legged!

Allisa's note reminded me of my trips to the Royal Melbourne Show—and of course all the goodies in the show bags. I haven't thought about this in years. It's where the seeds were planted for my love of the Minnesota State Fair.

Take a moment to view the other sketches Allisa made at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and start planning your next sketching adventure!

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    great post and I had the privilege of seeing the sketches in real life on Saturday. They are really wonderful!!! I too really enjoyed your posts on the Minnesota State Fair and although I normally don’t go the Royal Easter Show as I hate crowds was thinking that it would be nice to go. After hearing of Alissa’s great time I hope to go next year!!

    • Roz
    • April 12, 2010

    Liz, you’re lucky to see them in person as they are wonderful drawings! The only thing that is more fun than seeing them in person is being there when they are drawn so I hope you can accompany Alissa next year to the Royal Easter Show! (Heck I want to come!!!)

    (And Liz, I hate crowds too, but I manage every year at the State Fair and it is actually good for me—a dose of crowd that helps me cope with crowds all year long—so I encourage you to go for it.)

    • Roz
    • April 12, 2010

    Melly, seeing the lines of unfinished drawings, or altered positions in drawings are for me the best and zestiest type of drawings. They are made more tactile. And they have an immediacy I love.

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