Films for the Holidays

November 25, 2009

It's time to revisit holiday movie choices and after giving it some thought I decided to make my post from last year about this topic a PAGE (see the "Pages" list under "Categories" in the left column), so that it can be easily located. Also, I find that I'm sticking with my list. I hope you'll check out my holiday film recommendations here.

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    Hey Roz…sorry I’ve been absent for a bit…we’re moving and I’m packing…when I’m not panicking…lol

    So looking forward to the holidays and finding time to relax with movies…we love “The Ref” and “Home for the Holidays” because of the sarcasm and how funny families are around the holidays. Hope your enjoy your Thanksgiving, fondly, Roberta

    • Roz
    • November 26, 2009

    Roberta, it’s good to hear from you. Moving during the holidays might just provide fodder for your own holiday movie! Take frequent breaks and remember to breathe!

    Sometimes I say I’m going to run away and wear pineapple earrings and Dick just laughs and laughs!

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    Thank you for sharing your film list. Let me suggest you another film : The Getaway with Steve McQueen. Brilliant !

    • Roz
    • December 24, 2009

    Domo, thanks for the film suggestion. I grew up a huge fan of Steve McQueen! I haven’t viewed “The Getaway” for many years now and didn’t remember it had a holiday component. I’ll look forward to seeing it again! Thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing.

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