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Paper Testing for the Minnesota State Fair Journal

Above: About 6 x 6 inch square of white Stonehenge. I did a quick sketch using a Pentel Sign Brush Pen (about 4 mins.), of Dick. Then I ran away and got some Schmincke Pan watercolors. I only used the Indanthrone Blue (Dark Indigo, PB60) but there are areas of gray tones, that’s the ink bleeding. […]


Another View of Richard Watching TV

Above: A 9 x 12 inch Fabriano Venezia journal opens wide to 18 x 12 inches. Pentel Pocket brush pen and Schmincke pan watercolors. Background and some facial marks with Montana Markers. I'm still battling to see what to do with those eyebrows—to discover a visual vocabulary for them. And to deal with likeness. This […]


Richard—Out of Sequence; and Some Television Thoughts and a Movie Recommendation

Above: Quick brush pen sketch of Dick lying on the couch. Some watercolor washes were added, and then the background laid in with a pink Montana Marker. In a 9 x 12 inch Fabriano Venezia. (I had to scan it multiple times and stitch it together and the bottom left didn't get scanned.) After I'd […]


Wrapping Up The Week With Richard

Left: 9 x 12 inch portrait of Dick in a wirebound Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media journal. Sketched with a Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pen (Magenta) and then painted over with layers of acrylic Montana Markers (15 and 30 MM tips; but a fine tip on the white leaky Sharpie Poster Paint pen I used in […]


Richard Is A Very Patient Model

Left: An unflattering portrait of Dick as he reclined on the couch wearing his cold-weather hat. The hat has flaps at the ear with long braided tassles on the end of the flaps, and the visible one here is folded back, but the sketch doesn't show that clearly. This was made in a WIRE bound […]


Another View of Richard

Above: It was late but I wanted to get a sketch of Dick done. I had already scribbled paint on the opposite page (that lilac from Montana Markers is very dark and blue-ish, so I actually did buy a bottle of it and put a little in a new marker with a lot of white […]


Sketching Richard Again

Left: Another black ink brush pen sketch of Dick, with Schmincke Pan Watercolor washes added with a flat Niji waterbrush. Montana Acrylic marker for background. On a 9 x 12 inch page in my Fabriano Venezia in-studo journal. Click on the image to view an enlargment. R: What do you think? D: It looks like […]

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