Richard Is A Very Patient Model

November 6, 2014


Left: An unflattering portrait of Dick as he reclined on the couch wearing his cold-weather hat. The hat has flaps at the ear with long braided tassles on the end of the flaps, and the visible one here is folded back, but the sketch doesn't show that clearly. This was made in a WIRE bound 9 x 12 inch Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media journal and I didn't scan the verso page across the wire, where the long braid floats unpainted. Pentel Brush Pen with pigmented ink, Schmincke Horadam Gouache in light layers, and Montana Markers with 15 and 30 mm tips (I turn them on their side to get thinner lines as needed). The green gold on his shirt is a Golden Hi Flow Color in a Montana Marker. There are some lines of gray on that shirt that I made with the Pentel Aquash Pen with Pigmented Light Black Ink.

This latest round of sketching Dick nightly coincides with interruptions to my life-drawing attendance. (There have been some family obligations and a killer reaction to a flu shot. But I still wanted to get some life drawing in…)

Dick doesn't like to watch TV, but we've found it's the least painful approach to modeling. He's been watching the Mark Twain biography by Ken Burns as I sit on the floor and sketch him.

I'm so glad he's a good sport even when the portraits end up looking like I gave him Richard Nixon's nose!

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