Wrapping Up The Week With Richard

November 7, 2014


Left: 9 x 12 inch portrait of Dick in a wirebound Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media journal. Sketched with a Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pen (Magenta) and then painted over with layers of acrylic Montana Markers (15 and 30 MM tips; but a fine tip on the white leaky Sharpie Poster Paint pen I used in a couple places).

You can tell you've established a routine when you don't have to negotiate for a drawing time but can just ask your model if "we can sketch now."

This means that I'm sketching a little earlier in the evenings and Dick isn't so tired. I think I work a little faster in the earlier evening so that translates to less of a disruption for Dick (we both do a lot of work in the evenings).


Left: In this detail from the opening image you can see the magenta Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pen underdrawing peeking through the layers of acrylic marker.

The point of this night's experiment was to play with values and to use some of that new light lilac I had mixed. I think it's a pretty yummy color.

Sometimes in my rush to use a new color of marker I don't take time to shake it up enough and some of the initial strokes, especially with the white poster pen, come out pretty watery.

Even when the earlier layers are fairly dry the tips of the markers sometimes pick up color—perhaps from the watercolor pen lines used here and in other situations from ink lines not yet dry. Before recapping a marker I run it all over the opposite page until it is clean. This makes for an interesting mess on the opposite page. I usually journal something over that mess when it's dry. Sometimes I do another painting like I did in this sketch of Dick, where you can see the lines of color coming through my sketch. (I'll show you one of those pages in my next post on this project because I actually scanned the opposite page of another drawing to make a point in a blog post.)

Yes, this weekend I'll do a couple more sketches of Dick. I'll have to work fast however as we both have too many "end of fall" tasks to accomplish this weekend. 

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