Another View of Richard

November 5, 2014


Above: It was late but I wanted to get a sketch of Dick done. I had already scribbled paint on the opposite page (that lilac from Montana Markers is very dark and blue-ish, so I actually did buy a bottle of it and put a little in a new marker with a lot of white for a very pale lilac!). The sketch of Dick took about 25 minutes and I used a Bienfang Watercolor Brush. To get the shading I either washed out a line with a Niji watercolor brush or stroked the Niji across the red brush tip to pick up a bit of pigment. At the very end, since I'd just squeezed the red brush pen and they have a tendency to leak I splattered the excess onto the page before capping the pen. This is in a 7.75 x 9.75 Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Softbound journal. I find that this is a wonderful page size for me and while the covers are soft covers the book still is made with well-sewn signatures.

I'm quite fond of this sketch of Dick. I've managed to cope with his nose, and even deal with his eyebrows by not dealing with them.

I love this paper for sketching on. While the book is a little too large to fit in my small fanny pack I'm carrying this journal around with me this month. Last month I seemed to be working in more journals at once than ever before while I finished a large studio journal, started a project in another, did some work in my lined Japanese journal, and filled up the last pages in a small journal I took to the Minnesota State Fair on my final trip (as I had filled my other Fair journal). 

I like having ONE journal. Or at most 2 journals (one for the studio). But I went with the flow. Now I have five journals sitting waiting to be indexed (one great reason to only work in one journal at a time) and when I went to prepare for a class I'm teaching I couldn't immediately remember which journal I'd put all my notes in—and didn't have an index yet to look it up in yet. HMMM. 

The last time I had this many journals going was 1996! I prefer it when things are simpler. I am feeling very fractured!

I have to get typing those indexes!

Update 11.5.14 7:30 a.m.: since writing this post and setting it to automatically post (I'm involved in prepping and teaching two local classes right now) I was able to find a moment (well several actually) to index all those journals. Nothing is waiting for for indexing. I am, however out of shelf space so another row of journals will be packed up and stored as everything shifts over to accommodate the most recent. The journals leaving the shelves are from the end of 2000 and beginning of 2001 and I'll have a look through them as I store them, but it feels weird because that was a particularly busy year and they contain lots of project ideas I never got to. Normally I keep only the last 10 years of journals out on shelves, but I added more shelves (until we had no wall space left) to stretch out the time. It will be a nice time for a self-evaluation. And because of the index I can always find one later if I "need" something.

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    Hi Roz,
    I also like 7.75 x 9.75 this size, but can’t find it in the Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media nor in the Watercolor (I like the bumpy testure) except for exorbitant rates in shipping through Amazon. Any ideas? Blick has it in other sizes . . .

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    Kate, call Wet Paint in St. Paul. That’s where I buy mine. They have the Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media journals in the 7.75 x 9.75 journals. I don’t know about the watercolor sizes however because those journals have some landscape ones and I don’t know what’s available.

    But Wet Paint carries the full line and they can get the ones you want. And they do mail order!


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