Richard—Out of Sequence; and Some Television Thoughts and a Movie Recommendation

November 10, 2014

Above: Quick brush pen sketch of Dick lying on the couch. Some watercolor washes were added, and then the background laid in with a pink Montana Marker. In a 9 x 12 inch Fabriano Venezia. (I had to scan it multiple times and stitch it together and the bottom left didn't get scanned.)

After I'd written the posts for last week I realized I'd left this sketch of Dick out of the sequence and I like it, and you can read a conversation we had.

I've got some local classes running through November and I've been prepping and gathering materials and printing handouts and such things. Sketching Dick in the evening has proven a great way for me to relax (he hasn't mentioned it's a horrible burden to him). You'll be seeing more of the color experiments in the coming days. Then once my schedule lightens up I'll probably loose interest in sketching Dick and turn back to dogs or birds. I'm fickle that way. He's come to expect it. There's a lovely line in "Guarding Tess" where Shirley MacLaine, playing the widow of a U.S. president is trailed by her Secret Service Men in the grocery store. She asks for a price on a can of peas and the agent next to her calls the manager. There's a bunch more funny business I won't detail, but the scene ends with MacLaine walking away and the agent relaying to the manager: "She's lost interest in peas. Repeat, lost interest in peas."

Dick says that to me all the time when I turn my attention to something else.

Actually if you haven't seen "Guarding Tess" written and directed by Hugh Wilson (who did "WKRP in Cincinnati") you have a real treat ahead of you. It's a funny movie that at the center has some great chemistry between Nicolas Cage (playing the lead agent in charge of guarding Tess) and MacLaine.

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    I am mesmerized by that shadow shape under the Dick’s glasses. For me it bring the whole sketch to life. Such a lovely negative space around too.

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    I am with you 100% on Donal Logue! Have you seen Terriers? If you have Netflix, I think it’s on there streaming. I was so sad when it was canceled!!

    And of course, I love this drawing.

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    you’re so right about that movie. I loved it. My mom uses a scene from the animated movie “UP” when describing my own distractedness. She says “SQUIRREL!!”. The dog in the movie is highly distractible and every time he’s talking he’s stops mid sentence and notices another squirrel. If you haven’t seen it, it’s visually stunning and the dog scenes are so funny. I’ve also heard this distractibility called “Oh look, a chicken.” No idea where that one comes from, maybe from why did the chicken cross the road?? Anyway, they’re all so accurate for us who move quickly on to other things. New and shiny objects always attract us, hehehe.

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    Kate, YES! Terriers is one my all time favorite shows and I was inconsolable when it was canceled. I have written about it on my blog a couple times.

    You might want to read what I have to say about it here

    I think Donal Logue is one of the best actors living today.

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    Jennifer, my dog-training friends and I are always yelling (yes Yelling!) “SQUIRREL!” too. I have see “UP” at least 5 times. All my friends think that Dick looks like Carl—well that he will in 20 years.

    I am often distracted by a bright sparklie!

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    Roxane, so glad you liked that. I don’t like drawing people with glasses and usually make people take them off, but for some reason on this day I didn’t mention it to Dick. Thanks.

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    I just read that post and boy do we have a LOT in common!! Too bad we don’t live in the same town – you’re someone I know I’d love to hang out with. Happily, I get to sort of hang out with you via your many blog posts.

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    Thanks Kate, thanks for stopping by. True to my comment I have lost interest in sketching Dick and am back to birds!

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