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Roz Wound Up Is Ten Years Old

Today I’ve been blogging for 10 years. October 9, 2008 I put my first Roz Wound Up post, You can read my first post at this link. I started with a product review and I’ve been reviewing products (99.9 percent of which I purchase; but I’ll always disclose if something has been sent to me) ever […]


New Search Engine for My Blog

  I'm sorry that my Lijit Search Engine, which worked wonderfully for several years, enabling you to search this blog, ceased to work a few weeks ago. Correspondence with the company that owns it was slow and confusing. It has not only been difficult for readers to locate information, but it has been frustrating to […]


Ken Avidor—Columnist: Writing about the Sketching Life

See the full post for details and lots of links to past posts on Ken Avidor.


Mary Jo Hoffman at the February Meeting of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

See the blog for details.


Earnest Ward: Bird Sketching Tips

See the full post for details.

Scott Listfield and Visual News

See the full post for details.

We’re Adding Another Coordinator in the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

See the full post for details.

This Is How Animated Gifs Should Work

See the post for details.

Mysteries of Vernacular

See the post for details.

Catching Up on My Blog Reading: Bill Sharp

See the post for details and links.

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