This Is How Animated Gifs Should Work

September 25, 2012

See the post for details.

So this morning while delaying the bike ride (I wanted it to be at least 50 degrees as the cooler temps came on suddenly and I'm not quite acclimatized—I know, I know, I love cold weather, but I'm just saying) I popped over to Urban Sketchers to see what people were up to and there was this wonderful animated gif by Bo Soremsky. You should go and watch it now and check out the other links in that post.

I'm just trying to get my animated gifs to switch between a before and after, but Soremsky has made little movies using the animated gif technology. I love what he is doing.

Here's a link to a short narrative made with his sketches and this technique: Passengers: A digital narrative.

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    Fabulous stuff… his work is amazing. Thanks for the link to that…

    • Cate in Dundee
    • September 26, 2012

    Roz, scroll down to 30 September 2011 for a painting sequence which keeps cycling through. Is this what you were trying to do with the pigeon?

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    Cate, I scrolled down but nothing moves/changes in my browser (Chrome)—so I can’t comment as to whether or not this person has done what I was hoping to do.

    BUT I think her art is delightful and lovely. Thank you for sending the link so that I could have a peek at her work.

    • Cate in Dundee
    • September 27, 2012

    Yes, I love her work—it’s so charming without being the slightest bit sentimental, and I love her subtle colours and solid composition. The “animated” bit is basically a series of photos of the steps from drawing to finished piece, of the boy running with the dog.

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    I had a moment this a.m. Cate and went back to see if I could find it and did find her animated gif. Yes she was doing what I hoped would work here, only she was using many more intermediate steps to show more of a progression and I was just hoping to flip between starting sketch and finished bit.

    I love her drawing style and agree that it is charming without being sentimental. A hugely difficult thing to do.

    I look forward to going back and exploring what she is up to at a later date.

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    I’m confused – are you trying to animate the gifs yourself? Or is it just getting the uploaded ones to work? I’ve always used an application such as Ulead Gif Animator and it just works. My problem is that I’ve never learned Photoshop well enough to create anything that doesn’t look a mess!

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    Adrianne, I’m animating them myself in Photoshop and they are working GREAT. My problem is posting them to Typepad. I’ve consulted the helpful folks at Typepad about the problems that I’ve had and they gave me some suggestions that I’ll try out on other attempts to post my animated gifs.


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