Earnest Ward: Bird Sketching Tips

March 1, 2013

IMG_9827Left: Drawing of an egret on toned paper ©2013 Earnest Ward.  Used with permission. 


Earnest Ward is one of the 40 artists in Danny Gregory's new book "An Illustrated Journey"—but that's not why I'm writing about Ward today. (I've only read through the "L" names in Danny's book so far, savoring it all!)

A drawing of Ward's popped up on a Nature Drawing list to which he and I both belong. I love bird art as you will know if you read my blog much at all. I clicked on the link and found a delightful post about sketching birds. (You can check out "Tiny Voices, Part II [A Tricks of the Trade Tutorial] here.)

In that instructive post Ward explains his outdoor sketching kit and provides some delightful sketching diagrams of bird parts and sketching approaches. I know you'll find his tips clear and helpful.

This is the perfect time of year to start looking out for birds that are returning to their spring nesting areas. Take advantage of Ward's advice and get prepped for going birding with your sketchbook.

If it's too cold in your area to get out and see the birds this weekend you can be inspired by the artwork of Earnest Ward and others over on Danny Gregory's site. Danny is putting up video chats with the artists in his new book. It's great to hear the artists talk about their work and methods—more sketching inspiration until your weather breaks and you can be outside.

UPDATE March 11, 2013—Danny Gregory has posted his Skype interview with Earnest Ward. Go check it out to learn more about this artist and how he works.

    • Kristin
    • March 1, 2013

    I saw a robin here yesterday!

    • Sheryl C
    • March 1, 2013

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Ernest Ward’s blog – I’m only up to the “K”s myself, also savoring!

  1. Reply

    Kristin, fun! I’ve seen a couple of birds of prey—hawks and an eagle. And a whole lot of sparrows who have been here all year. I don’t know how they manage, but man are they cute!

  2. Reply

    I’m glad I could point you to such a great site. His art is lovely. I’m going to read a couple more sections in Danny’s book before I take a break and go for an indoor-bike ride.

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