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September 6, 2015



I'm sorry that my Lijit Search Engine, which worked wonderfully for several years, enabling you to search this blog, ceased to work a few weeks ago. Correspondence with the company that owns it was slow and confusing.

It has not only been difficult for readers to locate information, but it has been frustrating to me, because I am the queen of the cross reference. I loved using this feature to find past posts. I would then link those posts into the new posts covering the same topic. 

It saved me lots of writing time, removed the need for repetition, and allowed me a simple way to update past information.

But if something doesn't work you have to move on.

Today, I've removed the Lijit Search Engine.

I added a new blog search tool which seems to work well.

You will find the new search engine in the left-hand column just below the "Classes with Roz" sign up information list; and just above the tweet button. See the image above that points you to the location.

Of course you can always use the "Category" list to find a topic like "gouache" or other single-word or short-titled categories, but I find it's easier to look with key words. And sometimes I remember a phrase from the post's title.

The new search engine is actually BETTER in one really crucial way. A search yields a list of posts with the keywords highlighted and a little bit of the text from each post. These help you see whether a given post is a good fit. (So did the other search engine.)

Additionally the new search engine lists the "You might also like" suggestions that fall at the base of my posts. (This is great and a new feature, but not the best aspect of the new search engine.)

Sometimes the quickest way to find something is to look at those "also like" listings, because they are related and the reader is brought closer to the desired post, by the keyword use.

But the best thing is that the suggested matches are provided as a long list that you can scroll down. And when you click on an item you move to a new page where you can read the post. 

And then, if you aren't happy with the selection, you can use your browser's return arrow to return to the previous window, which still contains that list. It doesn't evaporate like the Lijit Search window did.

So you can do multiple checks back and forth, until you find the post you were looking for, or the information you wanted from all of the listed posts.

I REALLY like this.

It was frustrating to reenter keywords over and over with Lijit, just because the list it generated evaporated when you clicked on one item in that list.

So sometimes, the failure of one widgit can lead to the implementation of a new feature that works even better.

I hope you'll give the new search engine a test run.

Have fun searching for key words like these: Turner, Gouache Palette, Paper Selection…

And enjoy some fun weekend reading.

    • Dana
    • September 6, 2015

    Yay! That evaporation issue was my main beef with Lijit and now having the “also like” option… fantastic! Thanks for updating!

  1. Reply

    Dana, I’m glad you like this new search engine. I really like that I can poke around on the resultant list without the list disappearing. It saves so much time! Happy searching.

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