Catching Up on My Blog Reading: Bill Sharp

May 13, 2012

See the post for details and links.

Bill Sharp is a painter who posts paintings (including watercolors) on one blog (Bill Sharp—Paintings) and his lovely watercolor and ink sketches on another blog: Sketchbook Meditations. I suggest you take a your next visual break with Bill. (Visual Breaks are those times when you can't stand working at the computer one moment longer and need to see something human, and don't want to look at videos of YouTube Cats!)

In the best of times I get to visit few blogs. I'm always rushing to finish some work on the computer, write a blog post and then get on to the next job. I much prefer to look at art in books.

In the past several weeks I've been having problems with my internet connection. This week when I got back on line I ended up back at Bill's blogs. I love seeing how he handles space in his landscapes and manages to turn a jumble of vegetation into a recognizable visual design (landscape painters always inspire me).

But I also love his simple pen and watercolor sketches which seem to be effortless and not fussy.

That's my word for today, well two words, "not fussy." I'm going to go try and "be" that right now.

If you have some time today for a visual break go check out Bill's work. He has a lovely white dog named Miki. I don't think Miki gets drawn enough.

OK, so maybe that's just me…but you'll find lots of lovely work to inspire your own "not fussy" day. 

(I added him to the blog list at the base of the left column to remind myself [and you] to visit Bill more.)

    • Leslie Schramm
    • May 13, 2012

    I hardly dare, but this tends to be an eclectic and waay too interesting blog.

    It’s 5:30am, pouring down with rain, very grey light, yet the greens of the garden are distinct and different, almost a morning for soggy photo taking, instead of sneaking back to bed.Enjoy the busy day

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    Leslie, looks like a site with a lot of interesting posts on it. Thanks for sending it. Hope you got out and took some photos!!! We have sun here and at 57 degrees it’s almost already too warm to bike!

  2. Roz,

    Thanks so much for your very generous write up about my blogs. Your work has been an inspiration to me for years.

    With regard to Miki, I’d draw him more but he’s a bit of a fidget and is also camera shy. I’ve never known a dog to be camera shy before but he hangs his head whenever I point a camera at him. Sometimes I can sneak a shot with my phone.

  3. Reply

    Bill I’m glad to know Miki gets more drawing attention. I love sleeping dog sketches too!

    I’ve known a couple dogs who are camera shy. I don’t know if it is the camera as object pointed at them, or if it’s the noise some make, or their increased sense that they are being stared at which dogs often don’t care for. But I hope you have good luck with that phone camera!

    He looks adorable.

    Oh, and thanks to your inspiration I did have a “not fussy” day!

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