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Getting Some Sketching Practice In

The other day I was writing about a friend alerting me to the fact that Amazon Prime is now carrying some of the seasons of “Portrait Artist of the Year.” I have loved this show from the moment I heard about it from one of my English friends. Here are a couple sketches I made […]


In Context: Last Year I Watched a Lot of Cooking Shows

  This is Paul—a contestant on the Great British Baking Show Holiday Edition, season not noted down. Yep, the woman who takes notes on everything relaxed her standards last year. Didn’t seem to be any point, I was watching so many cooking shows. I couldn’t get out because I couldn’t drive (post-cataract vision effects). I […]

A Lovely Long Drawing by Chrys Allen

See the post for details.


A Video Flip Through of My 2013 Fake Journal Is Finally Up

See the full post for details.

Roz Wound Up’s Fourth Anniversary Contest Is Over—The Winner is…

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An Anniversary and a Little Quiz (There’s Always a Quiz)

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Congratulations to Cupcake®!

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The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs

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Factoid from the Life of Roz and Dick

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Project Journal Infiltration 2010-2011 Concludes

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