Factoid from the Life of Roz and Dick

October 26, 2011

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The other day Dick said to a friend: "Roz was the first girl I could out drink and the first girl I couldn't out eat.*

(Dick was a distance swimmer. I was a distance runner.)

*Actually I could have out drunk him. I just never cared for alcohol.

D (coming into the room and leaning over my shoulder, reading): Actually I don't think you could have.

R: I could and I can. Want to go at it right now? Pour 'em out.

D: Christ, she's a little dog who thinks she's a big dog.

Obviously dear reader Dick and I are not going to do shots at 10:30 p.m, which is when I am writing this. I just know I could out drink him (he only has two drinks a month). Unfortunately all we have in the house is good bourbon, good Scotch, and good beer. "Good" as defined by Dick's tastes; I don't drink any of that. I like Pernod. (It tastes like "Good and Plenty.")  

    • Zoe
    • October 26, 2011

    If I could fly, I’d join you for a Pernod–one of my all time favourites. Have a good one, Roz, and Dick, too.

  1. Reply

    Thanks Zoe. Alas Dick claims that there is some long forgotten Pernod in the house somewhere, but since I recently reorganized the pantry to make room for more of the ever increasing collection of cleaned yogurt containers (I use them for various painting tasks and frankly we already have a life time supply so it’s time to recycle some of them) I know it’s not where it should be!

    Have a piece of chocolate today in virtual solidarity with me (and “small dogs” everywhere); I know I’ll be having some chocolate later this afternoon!

    • Leslie Schramm
    • October 26, 2011

    Pernod, Ricard and the truly strange Spanish version Olatz. Happy to drink any of them with you. ( I think the Olatz was a Pernod, there was a drunken moment many years ago in a hostel in Spain, it might have been cleaning fluid; barman still poured me it.)Learnt a long time ago I didn’t care for the drunk and falling over, and since then have always had a little of something different. Strange vodka’s, Icelandic Moss Whisky ( has moss floating in it )salted liquorice and ammonium chloride flavoured gin, Liqueur flavoured with violets. Beer made of weeds, Absinthe. Single malt straight from the cask; undiluted. The water I wash the brushes in; that one was meant to be the coffee. Always happy to referee the drinking competition. Will bring crazy whisky for the winner, enjoy the drunken singing.

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    Leslie, clearly I’ve been out of the loop. I’ve never heard of Ricard or Olatz! Keep away from that cadmium ladened water though!!!

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