Getting Some Sketching Practice In

March 11, 2022
Brush pen in a large Nostalgie journal.

The other day I was writing about a friend alerting me to the fact that Amazon Prime is now carrying some of the seasons of “Portrait Artist of the Year.”

I have loved this show from the moment I heard about it from one of my English friends. Here are a couple sketches I made when I was watching episodes I came upon on YouTube in 2020.

There is also a “Landscape Artist of theYear Show.” At least one season of it is carried on Amazon Prime. (I have not watched any of it; I’m not a landscape artist so it doesn’t hold the same interest for me.)

I think it’s a great show to watch if you are interested in painting portraits because it is fun to see other people working.

But it’s also great to sketch while watching the show. Keep the TV running and work on your memory skills; or stop the TV if that works for you. Sketch a little, watch a little, take some notes about some paint that you might want to try, sketch a little.

Just get some sketching in!

The above spread, and the following spread are a couple more brush pen sketches I made of people on the show.

I have to admit that sometimes I will sit there quite late and draw and draw.



    • Trudy
    • March 11, 2022

    I love this show too. So intriguing to see all the different approaches to portrait painting,

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