Warming Up: Sketching Mullets

March 22, 2023

All hairdos are interesting to me because they are expressions of the individual and how he wanted to be perceived.

I have to say next to 18th century wigs mullets are the hairstyle most fun for me to sketch.

Did you realize that there are now “modern” mullets? All sorts of variations? I’ll leave you to go down that rabbit hole of research if you’re interested. I’m just happy that there will be fun hairstyles on the horizon for me to sketch.

This is a quick pen warm-up sketch using a Fairgoer from Earth’s World. It has bonus features—a mustache and stubble.

There are so many different ways we can describe hair visually—with line, value, color, and of course a combination of those approaches.

I hope that you get to draw some fun hairdos today!

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