Simple Round Back Spine 2018 Class Registration Opens Today

March 9, 2018
Examples of the Simple Round Back Spine structure with cloth covered boards and recessed labels. (The book in the back has a raised label effect we will discuss in class.)

Registration for “The Simple Round Back Spine” online bookbinding class opens today, Friday, March 9, 2018. Click on the link to go to the registration page.

Class begins on March 31, 2018 with all lessons dropping at once so that students can work at their own pace during the month while I’m in the classroom answering all your questions. (I recommend that students aim to make two books during this time, consider that when you are gathering your supplies.)

After that students will continue to have access to the classroom, the videos, and the galleries. (You can even ask me questions when the month ends on April 28—though I won’t be in class every day I’ll still check in for questions now and then.)

You can read additional details about this class here.

Click on this link for a Handout for Supplies for Simple Round Back Spine.

While class doesn’t start until March 31, as soon as you register the introductory sections of class open to you so that you can begin to read additional information about supplies and get ready for class!

Why Bind Your Own Books?

Every visual artist is different. For some artists it’s important to work with certain tools and materials but they’ve been unable to purchase a commercially made journal or sketchbook that will take those tools and materials.

Other artists want books of a certain size to fit in a favorite case, a pocket, or contain sketches in the scale they wish to work.

When you bind your own books all these considerations can be looked at and addressed. You can create books with the types of paper you enjoy working on with the tools you want to use. That book can be in the size you wish to work.

While all books can be customized in ways that make them reflect and showcase your artistic personality, the book you make by hand becomes uniquely yours by all the choices you make, for your art, from the moment you sit down to bind.

If you’d like to continue your visual journaling or sketching adventure in a book like that I encourage you to join me in this class. You will learn the hows and whys of this elegant binding so you can ensure that one of your most valuable creativity tools, your journal/sketchbook, is set up to support your art.


    • Eleanor
    • March 10, 2018

    This is a great class. I learned so much and made some very nice books. As always, Roz is a superb and entertaining teacher! Thanks Roz!

    1. Reply

      Eleanor, thanks so much for your vote of confidence and endorsement. I grateful that you enjoyed the class and excited that you’re making and filling books!

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