Just Enjoy What You Do: Or—Drawing as an Analogy of Goal Setting

March 2, 2018
Read the text of today’s p0st to understand my process for this sketch.

I’ve spent the week on my blog going over self-evaluations and the need for goals. Sometimes it’s important to just enjoy what you do—what you did.

In today’s post there’a a sketch of a young man with green hair. I did this sketch from a Sktchy photo. 

It’s actually sort of an analogy for what I’ve been writing about this week.

I began with the idea that I would do a sketch in red color pencil. (Goal.)

But the paper didn’t like the pencil. (Reality and circumstance interfering with the goal.)

So I picked up a black pen that was drying out. (Less than optimal circumstances.)

I starting reinforcing the lines I really wanted. (Got back on track.)

Added the bit I always knew I wanted to have in vibrant color, the hair. (Salvaged what I could of the original goal.)

Threw on a little junk paint—a mix from a previous painting—for shading. (Let go of perfect and simply enjoyed the process of adding some dimension, i.e., bolstering the goal.)

Signed it and caught up on the Marvel Universe. (Reward.)

If this week’s posts were too long for you to get through (I get it you have places to be) then accept this as the whole point.

Now go sketch some “analogies” of your own.


    • Pat
    • March 2, 2018

    That’s just a terrific drawing. Really strong.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Pat, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I am fond of this one. It has a beard and wild hair. What more could I want?

  1. Reply

    I’ve been seeing what you have been doing with the sktchy for a while now, loving it because it seems so spontaneous and free, and I wonder…. how do you actually view the picture? Small on a phone? Larger in an iPad type thing, or on a laptop or desktop monitor? Viewing style as technique, I know I have a few different ways to “see”. xox!

    1. Reply

      I have a large iPad pro, what are they 9 x 12 inches Something like that. I use Sktchy on that, call up the muse image and then put the iPad Pro in a stand (sadly they don’t make them any more because I tried to buy another one, but you can get similar ones if you search for iPad Pro stands—look for ones which have 4 prongs and hold the pad through tension. But make sure it will fit your iPad size if that’s what you’re using.)

      I have one that sits on my drawing table and one that hangs at the side of my easel, and one that hangs off a table in the TV room in case I want to stay up late and sketch with Sktchy (which is often the only time I get for it).

      The one on a stand is probably my favorite, but I can’t put my drawing table up because then the stand can’t sit on the table (the flat part of the table is on the right for my tools and I like things on the left for reference. I’m thinking of getting a little table-top easel to put the paper or journal on, next to the stand, because then there will be less distortion.

      But I have to say I’m usually OK with the distortion I get as is. I stand and sketch when I’m out and about, so I’m used to looking from source, down to book.

      Upon occasion I’m out and about in a waiting room where there are no people and then I need something to draw from because there are no live subjects. Then I use my iPhone which has a small screen. I don’t really care for that much. I like the big iPad Pro screen. If I didn’t have it I would have to print out a print and paste that up to draw from it.

    • Corinne McNamara
    • March 2, 2018

    I love the sketch and love the analogy! I need to remember that making-do is better than excuses.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Corinne!

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