Simple Round Back Spine Returns July 15, 2017

June 8, 2017
Examples of the Simple Round Back Spine structure with cloth covered boards and recessed labels. (The book in the back has a raised label effect we will discuss.)

My popular bookbinding class, “The Simple Round Back Spine” returns on July 15, 2017. (This is the only time I’ll be offering this class in 2017.)

You can read about the class on this page. There you can also download a supply list.

Registration is open now through July 15, 2017.   You can click here to register for the $99.00 class, 30-day class (with lifetime access).

This is an information-packed classed with 30 videos showing each step of the process and explaining the issues involved in creating a useful and durable book.

It’s what I call a “live class” because for the first 30 days of class I’m present answering your questions to keep you working. (Of course, since you have lifetime access to the class you can always ask me a question after the first 30 days, but because I’ll have moved on to other scheduled work the response might not be as fast.)

In class students work at their own pace, but have the opportunity, because of my presence in class, to post photos of their book in progress and ask questions.

Bookbinding is a skill that needs to be practiced, so I encourage the students to make a minimum of two books during the 30 days. Also during that time there are live webinars you can attend where I’ll also answer your questions. (If you are traveling during July 15 through August 15 I encourage you to wait until the 2018 offering of the class. I want you to have full advantage of my presence in class.)

If you’re a visual artist or a writer, one of the great joys in life is working in a journal or sketchbook of your own making. We’ll be working with paper that is perfect for wet or dry media.

I’d like to help you experience that joy by sharing a binding method that not only results in an elegant hard bound book, but requires only a few simple tools and a few supplies. You do not need to have expensive, large, and heavy equipment to bind books!

I’d like to help you learn to make books which support your creative habit. I hope you’ll join me.

(If you are traveling during July 15 through August 15 I encourage you to wait until the 2018 offering of the class. I want you to have full advantage of my presence in class.)

Questions about classes at Roz Wound Up? Click here.

    • Julana
    • June 9, 2017

    I followed the linis to Wet Paint and saw the Schminke watercolor set on sale. Oh my.

      • Julana
      • June 12, 2017

      Those are beautiful books…..

      1. Reply

        Thanks, the round back spine does end up looking very elegant. And they are fun to use. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Reply

      Sadly for those of us in town there is always something offered at Wet Paint that’s pretty irresistible! I have to be careful with my budget. I think the set you are referring to is the new watercolor set with a square box and an empty line for additional pans. I did actually order this because it comes with some of the new Schmincke colors. I’m going to swap out some of the other colors which aren’t ones I use, and I’ve also got some other colors (also new) on order. These may include colors I’m taking to the Fair. I’m pretty excited about getting ready for the Fair!

        • Julana
        • June 16, 2017


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