I Married a Cartoon Character

May 2, 2016

160427_Dick-penWC-coldpress-boardCRBRLeft: Pentel Brush Pen sketch with Daniel Smith watercolors on Arches Cold Press Watercolor board (16 x 10 inches). Painted with a 2 inch wide brush.

I got so carried away working on Arches cold press watercolor board every day in April for my 2016 Fake Journal that I worked on it for real as well.

(Please note that the entries for my fake journal have all been scanned and are being posted daily from the end of April through May 18. You can see them by clicking on the above link.)

Throughout April Dick was kind enough to pose for both me and at other times for my character. Shown here is one of the real me sketches.

“Is it just me?” I thought, when I finished this sketch, the proportions of which are off—the face oddly narrow when it should be wide and vice versa, and the eyes of course too large, but never blue enough, “or am I married to Calvin?”

I think this sketch looks like an age progression of Calvin from “Calvin and Hobbes”  (without of course the wonderful skill and delight of Bill Watterson’s work).

I spent about an hour feeling a little uneasy and then shared my epiphany with Dick as he was walking through the room carrying laundry. “Duh,” he replied, smiling, as he disappeared behind the stairwell door.

Later he popped up again and said, “Wait till Mom sends my picture to Grandma!” (If you’re a “Calvin and Hobbes” fan you’ll know exactly what he meant.

While this latest realization does explain a lot about Dick’s hairstyle choices it leaves several questions unanswered…

All these years I always thought I was much more like Calvin—after all, who was most interested in going to the moon and beyond? Who was surrounded from an early age by characters, some stuffed and some plastic, with which I had, and continue to have, countless adventures?

And who was not only most likely, but probably most eager, to sell her parents to aliens in return for a star cruiser?

Does this mean I’m an imaginary friend?

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    I think this is just wonderful in every way!Wow!

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