There’s Still Time To Sign Up for May’s Simple Round Back Spine Bookbinding Class

April 27, 2016

If you've got an urge to make some visual journals in May or bind custom sketchbooks for yourself, you still have time to sign up for my 2016 Simple Round Back Spine Class. 

Class begins on May 1. You can read all about class here. Or you can go right to the registration page by clicking on this link.

By taking this class besides making an elegant and useful structure for your visual journaling and sketching habit you'll learn a lot about paper for visual journaling, and you'll finish class with the skills to create custom journals and sketchbooks that contain papers you love in the size you enjoy working at. 

For non-US students I know that the paper used is this book has proved difficult to find locally for you. Because of the way the class is structured it's essential that we all work with the same materials the first time you make this structure.

However, recently, some of my drawing students investigated and learned that Hahnemühle Gutenberg goes by a different name in England. (And perhaps in all of Europe? I don't understand why the company would change the name of their product, but then I wasn't consulted.)

If you live in England or the EU (which another student has told me means the shipping within the EU is not expensive) you can purchase the required paper for this class through Shepherds under the name Medieval Laid. (Be sure you purchase the 130 gsm weight.)

I'm sorry we couldn't discover this sooner. The class will be offered again in 2017. Or you can join in now, watch the videos and wait for your paper delivery before you make your book. I highly recommend watching the videos several times anyway.

Evidently John Purcell in London also sells this paper, however only in 25 sheet lots. 

If creating great handmade books is something that interests you I look forward to working with you.

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