A Week with “The Closer”—Part 2

August 27, 2014


Left: Page from my 9 x 12.5 inch Leuchtturm 1917 Sketchbook. (Image looks a little lavender to me, so this doesn't accurately represent the bright white of the book's paper.)

Here's another page from my Leuchtturm 1917 Sketchbook test journal: another actor on "The Closer."

I was using the Pentel Pocket brush pen to sketch and it was running out of ink. I was concentrating on shadows in the face.

I think I would enjoy taking one of these journals to life drawing because I have the space to really play with things.

This short post is brought to you by my need to save my hands and shoulders for sketching at the Minnesota State Fair. I'll be back to writing volumes before you know it.

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