Chicken Madness

July 11, 2014

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Above: Chicken sketch from imagination, using various markers, covering a big splotch of ink, just having fun.

Chicken Madness never really fades from my life. I love chickens. I dream about having chickens to sketch all the time. Here I am in May (in the above image), unable to sleep because I've got pneumonia, and I'm up at 2 a.m. thinking about chickens.

I used only the markers I had on hand (I was sitting in the TV room reading so I wouldn't disturb Dick; but I got fed up with the book I was reading.) You'll see the Montana Markers in pink and blue—15mm tips, used in broad strokes, some red and yellow from Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pens, a bit of white Sharpie Poster Paint Pen, and some purple from a Zig marker. The black is a fine-tipped pigment-ink filled Pentel Brush Pen. And it all started with a blop of paint I smeared out of the way and across the page and I said to myself that looks like a chicken in motion.

I get to see some chickens later this month, and of course I can spend all the time I want at the Minnesota State Fair looking at and sketching Chickens!

Are you coming to the Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out? We've got two dates this year: Saturday, August 23 and Tuesday, August 26. I'll put up a post about the meetings on those dates (times and locations) but feel free to come at any time during the Fair and send jpg of one of your sketches to me. I'll put it up on UrbanSketchers—Twin Cities. 

If you haven't been to the Minnesota State Fair before and the idea of sketching in public, a crowded public, place intimidates you, start reading the posts that I have on my "page" Minnesota State Fair Round Up. There you will find posts on how to dress for success (successful sketching in a crowded, potentially hot and dusty, noisy public space), tips on how to sketch animals and people; even a post on how to eat at the Fair so that you can keep sketching successfully!

Really, you need to come to the Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out. If chickens don't appeal, there are llamas, and sheep, and goats, and cows, and horses, and people, people, people.

You get the idea. Never will you have so many life models milling about for your advantage!

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    I also love chickens and was pleased to find when we moved here a year ago – there are some chickens up the mountain not far from me.

    I love your art – and this chicken is beautiful!

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    Sandy, thanks for writing. I’m glad you enjoyed this sketch. I’m also very glad to hear you have chickens nearby. I hope you can strike up a relationship with their owner and spend time there sketching.

    I have been thinking about chickens a lot lately as the MN State Fair is coming up. I have some more chicken sketches coming up. And yesterday one of the local sketching groups went to visit chickens so I got some chicken sketching done of free range chickens—a little more difficult than at the Fair. It was great fun. I filled 16 pages with sketches. I don’t have anything scanned but I’m sure some of them will show up here soon.

    Go meet those chickens up the mountain.

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