Journal Exchange Update

August 1, 2012

Above: Page spread I did in the journal of another participant. Her theme was "Obscure Tokens." This is one of the small journals we made with Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media paper. The piece of paper I drew most of the bird on is also Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media paper. The previous page was sewn through and I didn't want my washes of color to seep through the sewing holes and ruin the previous artist's page so this allowed me to prevent that.

At the last MCBA Visual Journal Collective meeting the four of us participating in the journal exchange traded books again. Above is my spread from the journal I'd been given. This artist gave us free reign to use whatever materials we wanted. She encouraged us to use 3-D inclusions so I built my page around a little face painting of a bird on Claybord™ that I then attached with waxed Irish Linen. Lots of other stuff happening too. I have a step-by-step I'm going to use in a class next year. I have really been having a lot of fun working with small medalions of Claybord™, but mostly I've been having fun thinking about birds. It has been a full summer and this project is a lovely break (each month).

(The page at the right was already cut when I got the book so I added a bit of green paper which will then become something the next artist has to deal with, just as the originator of this book has done various things throughout the book.)

I'll keep you posted on other developments in this project. I also hope to show you what the other artists have been doing in the other books (but I don't have photos or permission yet).

In the meantime I have to get busy on this month's book which is from Jean Shannon. Her topic is Toys! Of course since I'm working on a bird theme throughout the project (whether it's my book or not) you know Gert is going to have to make an appearance in Jean's book.

    • j.long
    • August 1, 2012

    What a jewel! And, what a lucky lady to have this work in her book. You never stop impressing me. jacki

  1. Reply

    That’s kind Jacki, I laugh when I think of the evolution of the page and I how ran amuck with the white pen.

    What you can’t see from the photo is that the Claybord™ is coated and it just gleams and is wonderful in the light—which of course because I love bright sparklies is a plus! I have to get some stuff off my desk so I can work on Jean’s book!

    Thanks for reading.

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