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Watercolor on Clapbord™ Disk, mounted on a book cover.

Protected: Testing the New Email Notification on Roz Wound Up

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Another Fake Book Cover: Artifice and Danger

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Letting Go of Perfect

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Journal Exchange Update

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Altered Book Round Robin Part II


This is part two in a series showing the prepping of my altered book for the MCBA Visual Journal Collective Altered Book Round Robin.

In my first post on the altering of this book you may recall I mentioned that I didn't start with a full plan. I started playing with that Claybord rectangle and then made a recessed area for it in my cover. Then I started thinking about what I really wanted to do with my cover and how I could incorporate what I had already done. So I started doing some sketches in my journal. (Normally this would be my first step.)


MCBA Visual Journal Collective Meeting & Altered Book Round Robin


The Minnesota Center for Book Arts Visual Journal Collective will have its next meeting on November 17, 2009, 7 to 9 p.m. at the center. Everyone is welcome. The topic of the meeting is paper. Bring samples of your favorite paper to show and talk about; or bring journal pages done on paper you love. Or bring questions, someone may have an answer or suggestion.

Also on November 17 some of the members will be exchanging books to be used in the first Altered Book Round Robin. That's what I'm working on now. I thought I would post some in-progress photos of my altered book that I'm prepping for the round robin.

At left you can see the first step of the process. I had just purchased some small Claybord rectangles and thought it would be fun to embed one into the cover (easier than embedding film clips into my blog!). I traced around it in the position I thought would look nice and then cut down into the book board of my selected book. You can then peel away the layers of the book board to make a depression to accommodate the embellishment.

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