Another Fake Book Cover: Artifice and Danger

August 20, 2012

Artifice6206Left: Fake book cover, see details in post.

This is another of the fake book covers I donated to MCBA for their raffle. I used bookboard (painted with a stencil) and decorative paper (at the left). I painted a bird portrait on Claybord™, coated it with resin, and sewed it to the cover. The cover type was set on the computer. They were all created flat so that they could be hung on the wall.

I had great fun doing these covers, especially the ones with the Claybord™ medallions and I look forward to doing some more when things calm down after the Minnesota State Fair.

I've created a new category "Claybord™" in my category list. It won't have the past pieces using this material (but a blog search will get you to those), but I'll add news ones to that category.

Find something to experiment with today.

    • Catherine Hubbard
    • August 20, 2012

    Roz, I really like your integration of the painted Claybord medallion into the cover design – it is much more striking than it would be if it were flat. I’d love to play with some of these medallions too – did you cut them yourself or is there a commercial source?

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    How did you sew it?

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    Molly someone asked in the comments for this post

    I used Waxed Irish Linen thread.

    In this one
    you can see that I did individual stitches and pulled the thread apart into strands.

    There’s just tons of things you can do with this thread.

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