Wide Brushes from Liquitex

May 4, 2011

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LiquitexBrushes3644 Left: A very poorly lit (you can see my shadow) urgent photo of the Liquitex Free-style brush.

Yesterday I met my friend Karen at Wet Paint because she was running errands and I never need an excuse to go to WP, and we were going to go to dinner afterwards. (Everest on Grand, Nepali/Tibetan food—FANTASTIC, I ate the leftovers for breakfast and it's still yummy.)

Anyway, Karen found these brushes (behind the counter) and they were on sale. These are perfect for making wide strokes if you are trying out some of the background painting techniques I mention in my Strathmore on-line class. Or they are great if you want to do large washes of watercolor on full sheets. I really like that the short handles fit so nicely in my hand, it's like pushing and pulling a squeegy or a card tool, only with bristles! Very fun.

I've only used them once since the photo was shot and they seem to hold up well. (I've found that some wide brushes lose bristles easily but these don't seem to be that way.) The good thing is they are on sale! The bad news is that stock was very low. I think Karen got the last 3 inch and I got the last 4 inch brush. I would call before making a trip.

Other folks can search for them on line if they are of interest.

    • Karen
    • May 4, 2011

    Hi Roz, glad you had a chance to test the Liquitex Freestyle brushes and enjoy the Nepali/Indian leftovers.

    You can let folks know that they’re included in WP’s summer sale at 50% off MSRP so if they’re out of them now, they’ll probably get more. There’s also the long handle style. You can get the WP sale flyer at their website.

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