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November 18, 2008

Just a little housekeeping before I leave the sign painting/hand lettering theme I've been looking at.
People interested in finding out more about Pierre Tardif, the hand lettering master I've posted about, should check out his website. Typically I would have remembered to include a link in the main posts but I was just caught up in the amazing brush control, literally mesmerized. This morning I am still thinking about the dazzling way he created a perfect curve for the C in "block" or the controlled but gestural sweep of the decorative flourishes in his "Merry Christmas" sign. You'll want to take a look at the examples on his website, you might even need a sign!

    • aimee
    • November 21, 2008

    i’m so enjoying your posts on calligraphy and hand lettering. there’s something so amazing about the process of transforming a word into something artful. i could hand letter all day long and i don’t think i could ever get tired of it. (i think my hand would, though.)

    thanks for the recommendation of lisa’s book and pierre’s website. they’re marvelous.

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