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Grabbing What’s at Hand When Sketching and Pushing a Drawing To See Where it Might Lead You

Left: Pentel brush pen and purple Zig marker on an 8.5 x 11 inch (approx.) sheet of Wave drawing paper. I have been clearing out some files and thought I'd put up three sketches made in the past few months, from June to the present, showing the fun I've been having with the various Pentel […]


Another Weirdo Journal

Out of the frying pan into the fire: an even weirder weirdo journal.

The Weirdo Journal Completed

A look inside the completed weirdo journal I was discussing in October and November 2009.

Tracking Down the Weirdo Journal Posts

A link to a list of the weirdo journal related posts.

Weirdo Journal: Posts which Cover this Journal

From October 7 to November 12, 2009 I used a journal I made with Magnani Annigoni Designo paper. I prepainted backgrounds following my normal behavior, but I also started collaging sketches that were cut out and not necessarily related to anything in particular at a rate that exceeds such incidents in other journals. I instead […]


Serendipity—Sort of

Looking at another “sketch & collage” spread in the weirdo journal


Please Remember to Vote Today

A voting reminder and another peek into the “weirdo journal.”


Entertain Yourself: Your Journal Shouldn’t Be a Chore

Entertain yourself with your journal.


The Weirdo Journal: A Closer Look

A description of the “weirdo journal.”

Nothing Is in Order in My Life, Why Should This Be Different?

A video peek in a visual journal in process.

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